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  • Word of Mouth: Random Acts of Publicity 2012

    Welcome to the 4th Annual Random Acts of Publicity, where we spend a week talking about a friend’s book or a favorite book. ATTEND the 4th Annual Random Acts of Publicity event on Facebook. OR, LIKE our Board on Pinterest and add some photos of book conversations. Read the FAQ. Coming on Thursday, September 6:…

  • 10 Social Media Goals for Author Promotion

    Twitter, Facebook, Good Reads and More When and where should authors use social media? I recently read a blog post about how businesses are using social media. Here, I go through these 10 purposes and muse about how authors might use social media for the same reasons.

  • Random Week

    Random Acts of Publicity Week Are you like me? I always promise myself that today I’ll write a review of my friends’ books and actually post them on Amazon or Library Thing or somewhere. But do I? No. That’s about to change!