39 Villain Motivations

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I’m working on motivating my villain(ess) and have found 39 possible motivations. I’m sure there are more, but these should jump start your imagination. They are presented here with a statement from the villain(ess)’s point of view.
Villain(ess) - 39 Motivations. From darcypattison.com

  1. Romance: I want to marry the princess.
  2. Revenge – ruin a hero: I want to ruin the King.
  3. To distinguish oneself: I want the princess to respect me.
  4. To fit in/gain acceptance: I want to attend the princess’ coronation and eat at her table.
  5. Justice: The king killed my mother, so the king must die.
  6. Greed – get rich: I want to steal everything from the King’s treasury.
  7. Fear: I am afraid that our lands will be stripped bare by this evil king.
  8. Desperation: If something doesn’t change in the next week, I will be executed.
  9. Social cohesion: Us zombies need to stick together.
  10. Desire to better oneself: I was born a peasant, but I will die a king.
  11. Power to achieve a goal: I must be king, so I can change the laws about owning property.
  12. Escape destiny: At birth, a prophet said I would kill the king; however, I am stealing enough money to escape to another country and avoid that destiny.

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  14. Achieve destiny: At birth, a prophet said I would kill the king; and that’s my plan.
  15. Persecution: Growing up in a wheelchair has been hell.
  16. Rivalry: Prince John wants to marry the Princess, but she’s mine.
  17. Discovery: I will find out the king’s darkest secret and use it against him.
  18. Ambition: I want. . . everything!
  19. Survival (deliverance): In the midst of this civil war, I will survive.
  20. Self-sacrifice: Someone must stop this evil king and I’ve decided to step up and do it.
  21. Love: The princess has stolen my heart; so, I’ll steal her.
  22. Hate: The princess is an evil woman; when she becomes my wife, I’ll make her suffer.
  23. Conspiracy: I’ve gathered twelve good men to help me overthrow this king.
  24. Honor: Men from my city never back down, even if it costs me everything.
  25. Dishonor: Men from my city are idiots; I’ll never do things the “right” way.
  26. Unnatural affection: I want to marry the princess and take the queen as a lover.
  27. Catastrophe: A volcano is going to erupt and when it does, I’ll plunder the city.
  28. Grief and loss: When my mother died, I lost all interest in doing good.
  29. Rebellion: I’m the leader of the guerrilla forces.
  30. Betrayal: I was engaged to the princess, and then she married Prince John.
  31. Spread hate and fear: I love hate. Hate, hate, hate.
  32. Corrupt everyone: Come join me as I rob the king.
  33. Control the kids: If those kids make noise one more time at midnight, I’ll get ’em.
  34. Leave me in peace: I never wanted to leave my home town, but since you’ve made me, I’ll show you what’s what.
  35. Recover what is lost: The king took my mother’s locket as tribute, and if it’s the last thing I ever do, I’ll get it back.
  36. Save humanity: To save humanity, I’ll have to kill the whole army.
  37. serve a master (ex. The Fuhrer): I’ll follow King George anywhere, even if it means killing King Phillip.
  38. Destroy: Ha! Ha! Ha! I love to burn down houses.
  39. Rule part of the world: I want to be King of the Mermaids.
  40. Rule all of the world: I will rule the Earth.