Goal disaster in Novel Revision

A scene goal must have a showdown

I’m revising my WIP novel and I’m at the end of the first section of the story. In this section, my character lays out a specific goal, and of course, the character should face the goal head-on. Right now, adults decide the goal, off stage.
As soon as I realized this, I knew the last scene in this section needs a revision. It’s a bit complicated, because there’s a minor scene with his best friend in which they make a bet; and I need that bet. But I think I’ve worked out how to do this, adding a twist of emotions and then throwing in the bet.

In the course of doing this, it will result in much stronger emotions, which the story also needs.

The same thing applies in the overall goal of a story: does the main character face obstacles head-on? Does the set-up match the pay-off? This must be true in both scenes, sections (whether you call them chapters or sections or whatever) and in the overall story.