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  • Feedback on a Works in Progress: When, How Often, How

    When do you get feedback on a work-in-progress? Never, early, mid-project, as often as possible? Types of Feedback and When to Get Them Good early feedback Pat on back. Often what you need is just a pat on the back, someone saying, “Good job!” My local critique group does this by just asking people to […]

  • Your Novel’s Welcome Mat: Intriguing Titles

    Welcome Mat: Your Novel’s Title When you are brainstorming titles, think of it as a welcome mat. A title’s job is to bring readers into your novel, story, or picture book. This is why the title is often changed by

  • Plot & Character

    I’m starting a series of posts about plot this week – as requested. Thanks for popping in or sending me emails with your preference! Plot and Character are Intertwined Before I start talking about plot, I have to say something about characters, the people who will be DOING and REACTING to the plot. Obviously, they […]

  • Revising in the Home Stretch

    Revising in the Home Stretch I know what method of working has made the first 2/3 of my mss better. I’m just getting tired. Don’t get Lazy Now! I’m on the last third. I know that I must rewrite a major scene for a subplot/secondary character climax. But much of these later chapter are in […]

  • interior thoughts

    Interior Thoughts Reveal Character I spent time yesterday adding more interior thoughts to a character. My critiquers felt they needed to know the character better at this point in the story. I’ve done the requisite “Show, Don’t Tell,” but readers still felt they needed more to really know the character. What does she FEEL here? […]

  • Megan Crewe: 2K9

    GIVE UP THE GHOST by Megan Crewe Introduced first in 2007, debut children’s authors have formed a cooperative effort to market their books. Last year, I featured many of the Class of 2k8 on Revision Notes, as they told the stories of how 2k8 Novels Were Revised. Today, I’m glad to continue the 2k9 Series […]