Do you need to revise something this month? I do! I have a MG novel that I need to go through (again!) and then send it in.

Summer Revision Smackdown: Revision Accountability

So, I’m heading over to Jolie Steckly‘s and Holly Cupola‘s blogs for their Summer Revision Smackdown (Powered by Licorice, Bum-glue, and You).

It’s easy.
You just post your goals for revising during the month of June.
Then, you report your progress every Friday or Saturday.

That’s it.

The prizes? Besides solid progress toward your revision goal? You need more than that?

Jolie and Holly make promises:

At the end of June, Holly and Jolie will give one Smackdowner THE WHIPLASH AWARD for excellence in revision during the month of June. And that just might come with a cuppa something and your own personal licorice memento.

Hey, I’m in. All except one thing: licorice. I do not like licorice, so I’m donating mine to charity. Any suggestions for a worthy cause?

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