Shrunken Manuscript: Watch this webinar


One of the hardest things to find is a great critique of the overall structure of a novel. You’ll get great feedback on a scene or line edits of paragraphs. But the overall structure of a novel is hard. Enter, the Shrunken Manuscript.

I’ve taught the Novel Revison Retreat since 1999 and a mainstay has been the Shrunken Manuscript, a technique that makes a novel structure visible by shrinking the manuscript to a size that fits into your field of vision.

Because I’m teaching a master novel class at Highlights Foundation this summer, they asked me to do a webinar and they recorded it. Watch this webinar for a full explanation of how to shrink a manuscript, how an ideal manuscript would look when shrunk, common mistakes, and an example of lessons from my work-in-progress using the Shrunken Manuscript.

If you can’t see this video, click here.

Have fun looking at your Tiny Story!

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