12 Writing Fiction Checklists

Need to know how well your writing, editing and revisions are going? Here’s a variety of checklists to help you evaluate where you are in the writing process.

Edited: Some of these resources have changed, so there are only 11 checklists now.

  1. Checklist of 17 Character Qualities
  2. 10 Checkpoints for a Scene
  3. Style: Checklist For Fiction Writers
  4. Editing Checklists for Story, Plot, Characters, Dialogue and more.
  5. A Novel Writing Checklist
  6. Story Plan Checklist
  7. Synopsis Checklist
  8. The DUMMIES Checklist for Writing a Novel and Getting it Published
  9. Revision Checklist for Novelists
  10. Writer’s Editing Checklist
  11. The Expanded Power Revision Checklist

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