Writing for 42 Days Straight

I have written at least 750 words for 42 days straight!

On January 1, I wrote this:

Yesterday, December 31, my friend Charlie Woods rode his bike 60 miles and finished his yearly goal of 10,000 miles. That’s an average of 27.8 miles per day and he’s been hitting that goal for over 3000 days. Yes, without fail. Rain or shine (he has a stationary bike for bad-weather days), sick or healthy, he never misses.

It makes me think about my commitment to writing. Do I write every day? Almost every day. But EVERY day? No.
And what does this say about how I think about my life? How does a writer think?
I want to strengthen my thinking as a writer, I want a deeper commitment to writing.

The rest of the blog post explained that I would be trying to write at least 750 words a day, using the website 750words.com. January’s blog posts were writing prompts for the 750 Words Challenge. Here’s the Think Like a Writer Table of Contents.

Good news: I am up to 42 days in a row!

That’s an Albatross. I’ve also earned Cheetah, Hamster and Rooster. What have you earned so far?

Are you signing up for the March Challenge?

Please report: how’s your writing streak going?

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  1. I got up to a 31 day streak, but had to start over. I am going for another 30 day streak before I will be off line for Spring Break. I earned the Hamster badge this week. Thanks again for telling me about 750words.com.

  2. Yeah, I had a 30 day streak, then messed up one day and had to start over. Up to 43 days now! Can’t go anywhere where they don’t have internet access!

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