Fiction Notes Named in Top 10 Writing Blogs of 2013

Thank you to all my readers! You’ve been terrific in supporting the Fiction Notes Blog. Thank you for nominating it for one of the Top 10 Writing Blogs of 2013. We won!

Each year, the Write to Done blog opens for nominations for the best blogs and this year, there were 1100 entries. The award is for Writing Blogs, not for writing about freelancing or business-related posts. At least half of a blogs posts needed to be about the writing process itself. And that’s exactly what Fiction Notes tries to do.

Thank you for your support!

Fiction Notes is named a Top Writing Blog of 2013
Fiction Notes is named a Top Writing Blog of 2013

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  1. Hi Darcy,

    Congratulations for Fiction Notes being named one of the Top Ten Blogs for Writers for 2013. This is indeed an honor since, as you noted above, over 1,100 writers nominated their favorite blogs.

  2. Congratulations!! A worthy choice. I always enjoy the notifications I receive in my e-mail inbox (often I read them there and therefore don’t comment on the blog). You continue to help me in many ways. Best wishes for the coming year.

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