Lifelong Learners


What do you do to keep your ideas fresh and fun? I’m a lifelong learner, I guess. I could live at school and in the academic world. But I also know that I need constant input to keep sharp.

learnConferences & Retreats. I am looking around the region to see where there are interesting and fun conferences and retreats. I need input. It’s not so much that I need to learn how-to do anything in particular; rather I need to see OTHER ways of doing things. I need someone to shove me out of my ruts and try something new. Try. That’s it. Just something new to try.

Books & Blogs. I’m always looking for new books, too, someone else’s take on this career of writing and publishing. There are so few right or wrong answers; so few real rules. (Like the Pirates’ Code: They are more like guidelines, anyway.)

Any great conferences to suggest to folks? Any great books that are helping you think about things in a new way? Any great new blogs to follow?

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  • Cynthia Reeg
    January 25, 2011


    I am a non-stop learner as well–which is a good thing, I think.

    Right now I’m reading (and taking an online class) Jordan Rosenfeld’s incredible book, MAKE A SCENE. How I wish I’d had this book from the beginning of my writing days. It is packed with insightful information for making every scene in your story count.

    As always, thanks for all your wonderful information here as well.