5 Small–But Vital–Tasks for Off Days: #4 is the Worst

Today is an in between day for me. I’ve finished one speaking gig, but have another on Saturday, the Little Rock Chapter of the American Christian Writers. I’m working on that presentation, of course, but I have some extra time today. I’ve just finished a project and I’m in between projects. So–an off day?

No. Here are small tasks that always need to get done. None of these are major priorities, but just maintenance work for my online presence.

  1. Amazon Author Page. Using my account at Author Central , I am updating my bio to include recent books. This is an important, free page that Amazon provides to authors to help promote your books. It should be updated as often as there’s News to report.
  2. News Page. Of course, the News Page on my own website is important to keep updated–and there are updates there for you to read. Here’s why it’s important to keep it updated.
  3. Tweaks on existing manuscripts. I think slowly. Sometimes, it takes me a long time to realize how to exactly say something or what a story needs. But when I finally think of it, I’m deep into another project and there doesn’t seem time to go back to the old one. After all, it’s just a small tweak. Well, those small tweaks may be the most important I ever do! I’ll tweak a couple things today.
  4. Accounting. Boo! Accounting is my least favorite thing to do, so it sinks to the bottom of my priority list. But today, I don’t have a priority list, so I’d better catch up on it.
  5. Read, Share, Re-Tweet, Re-Pin and so on. Social media is about sharing original content. But it’s also about curating content from others. I make it a priority to share my original content, but I find less time to read others’ blogs, share important FB updates, ReTweet and Re-Pin. Days like this, I take the time to read that blog post I bookmarked two weeks ago, but still haven’t read. It feels leisurely!
  6. For example, here’s a great video of Crystal Chan talking about her new book, BIRD. Fascinating to see her inspiration.

    If you can’t see this video, click here.

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