3 Ways to Write Through Summer Distractions

Summer time is inevitably full of stops and starts in our writing. There are vacations, the pull of a sunny day, kids’ activities and much more. For me, I’m teaching several professional development classes this summer; local teachers must attend 60 hours of PD/year and often focus on this requirement during the summer. Great work for me, but more starts and stops. (In fact, I have 3 professional development classes scheduled for next week, so I may be scarce.)

Here are some strategies I try during the summer.
Think. Well, just because I’m outside at the lake doesn’t mean I can’t be thinking, daydreaming about my characters. While I’m driving to a PD class, I can do the same. Often, I’m considering details: should this character love red sports cars or black SUVs? Or, I’m just carrying on a conversation with the character about what I’m seeing or doing. That way, I get to know their inner workings.

Netbook. When I have to spend the night somewhere, I always take my netbook and try to work an hour before sleep. I love my netbook. If you’re looking for one, the June 2010 issue of Consumer Reports has a comparison of netbooks and laptops.

Scribble. I also love the Moleskin pocket notebooks to carry about to scribble notes in. Sometimes, I write a scene, other times, just make lists. It’s a simple tool, pencil and paper, but it works. Portable, easy.

What are your summer time challenges? And how do you deal with them?

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  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one with summer distractions. And I thought summer would slow down. I think about my character like you do. And I try many days to at least write for 15 minutes. Though I accept there are times, like when I have company, that it’s too hard to find time to write.

  2. Summer distractions are still here…I love time with my kids, don’t get me wrong, but the dog days of summer has got a hold on me. But I figure it this way-if I can commit to one revision regarding narrative arc, I think I’ve accomplished a lot.
    Hang in there fellow writers’!

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