10 Crazy Things People Say to Writers

What crazy things do people say when they learn you are a writer?

  1. Oh, I have a story that you could write. Sit down and I’ll tell you about it.
  2. Oh, are they real books or just books for kids?
  3. Um, that’s nice. Is the spelling hard?
  4. I wrote a poem, and I think it would make a good picture book, but I can’t find a good illustrator.
  5. I don’t like to read.
  6. To the writer of a picture book: The art really makes this story come alive.
  7. I only go to the bookstore for the coffee.
  8. Why don’t you write something like Harry Potter? (Um, yeah. Start at the top of my profession, why don’t I?)
  9. Are you rich?
  10. How much did you have to pay to get the books printed?

Going CRAZY about all the CRAZY things said to writers.

11 thoughts on “10

  1. I’ll add this one, since I’m a professional artist:

    “I have this picture book idea, and I was wondering if you could illustrate it for me.”

    What’s also funny is that I started the writing critique group I’m in with someone who didn’t like to read, but I didn’t know about her reading aversion until later. I was shocked, mostly because I find it almost impossible to understand how anyone would not like reading.

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