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  • Critique Groups: Why, How and Where

    Why X Heads are Better than I guest post by Katy Duffield We all know that writing is rewriting. As much as we’d like for it to be otherwise, early drafts just aren’t ready for prime time. It is imperative that we reread and cut, revise and rearrange, polish and restructure, and cut even more […]

  • Online Contest for Book Promotion

    With the PR Notes Wednesday, I’d love to answer questions. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll go and find answers. Email your questions. Creating a Contest as Book Promotion Mary Nethery took the time to ask this book promotion question:

  • More on Skype an Author

    Connect with Authors Through Skype One site that quickly gained popularity this year is the Skype an Author, a Wetpaint site, billed at the key to Virtual Author Visits in Your Library or Classroom. Set up by Sarah Chauncey of the Grandview Elementary School Library in Rockland County, NY schools and author Mona Kirby, it […]

  • 33 pages

    The 33 page picture book No, there are no 33-page picture books. Not yet. At a recent conference, though, I had a discussion about why picture books are usually 32 pages. One person suggested

  • Critique Groups

    I’ve written before about Different Styles of Critiques and When to Ask for a Critique. Today focuses on the different types of critique groups. Different Critique Groups Meet Different Needs I’m heading off today to my local critique groups and I realized I have several different types of critique groups, each one filling a different […]