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  • Explore Your Characters: Be Surprised

    You know you should try writing your story in first v. third point of view, but for some reason, you put it off. Why? Because you’ve gotten a first draft of a scene or chapter and you just want to keep going. It’s exactly the feeling that elementary school children have: “Why do I have […]

  • Revision Attitude

    Yesterday, I started brainstorming on revisions for a picture book. I got some editorial feedback in February when I saw the editor in NYC. But it’s been hard to approach this revision because when we talked, I disagreed with much of what the editor said. Cooling Off Period Helps Me See Editor’s Wisdom So, I […]

  • Balancing

    Commitment v. Revision Your total commitment to the current draft of your novel is in direct conflict with the need to maintain an attitude of revision Teaching Freshmen to Have an Attitude of Revision When I taught Freshman Composition at a local college, I started on the first day by pairing students up with a […]

  • Character Description

    Character Description Can Reveal Inner and Outer Characteristics I think that Sol Stein’s book, Stein on Writing , has one of the best sections on character descriptions. If you read his book, Stein–like every other fiction teacher–mentions five ways to characterize (physical attributes, clothing, psychological mannerisms, actions, dialogue). But consider this description from his book: “She […]