Top 20 Middle Grade Agents: 129 Sales in the Last 12 Months

What agents are selling middle grade novels? does a great job of monitoring the business of selling manuscripts to publishers. If you’re looking for an agent, you’ll want to spend a lot of time there doing research on agents to find the perfect match for you and your stories. Here’s just one way to look at the agents for middle grade novels. This list includes information on the agent, links to his/her agency and the number of middle grade deals made in the last twelve months. Please note that the agent/agency may have made many other deals in addition to these; these are limited to those self-reported by the agent/agency in the category of middle grade. For more information, go to (you must pay to join to see full information).

This is the second of three articles on current agents for children’s books. See also Picture Book Agents and YA Agents lists.


I did this roundup of middle grade agents in 2013 and you may want to compare the list from then. At that time, I only listed the top 10 agents, who represented 60 sales. This time, the top 10 middle grade agents report 80 sales. There may be two reasons for this. First, Publisher’s Marketplace relies on agents to self-report. This means that the agents are, for the first time, in a sort of competition for rankings. Reporting more sales means they are ranked higher, which gives prestige and possibly brings in more prospective clients. Second, it could mean that sales are up for middle grade novels. We hope the latter is the case, but suspect the first reason has much to do with the increased number of sales.

  1. Sarah Davies (Greenhouse Literary Agency), 15 deals. Website
  2. Jennifer Laughran (Andrea Brown Literary Agency), 14 deals. Website
  3. Ammi-Joan Paquette (Erin Murphy Literary Agency), 10 deals. Website
  4. Erin Murphy (Erin Murphy Literary Agency), 9 deals. Website
  5. Steven Chudney (The Chudney Agency), 9 deals. Website
  6. Holly McGhee (Pippin Properties), 8 deals. Website
  7. Tina Wexler (ICM), 6 deals. Website
  8. Stephen Barbara (Inkwell Management), 6 deals. Website
  9. Kelly Sonnack (Andrea Brown Literary Agency), 6 deals. Website
  10. Rosemary Stimola (Stimola Literary Studio), 5 deals. Website
  11. Daniel Lazar (Writers House), 5 deals. Website
  12. Sara Crowe (Harvey Klinger), 5 deals. Website
  13. Tracey Adams (Adams Literary), 5 deals. Website
  14. Rebecca Sherman (Writers House), 5 deals. Website
  15. Josh Adams (Adams Literary), 5 deals. Website
  16. Jennifer Rofe (Andrea Brown Literary Agency), 5 deals. Website
  17. Brianne Johnson (Writers House), 5 deals. Website
  18. Caryn Wiseman (Andrea Brown Literary Agency), 4 deals. Website
  19. Laura Dail (Laura Dail Literary Agency), 4 deals. Website
  20. Jill Corcoran (Jill Corcoran Literary Agency), 4 deals. Website

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