Q&A: How Do I Find an Editor’s Name for Submission?

DH sends this question about finding the name of a submissions editor:

  • Q: How Do I Find an Editor’s Name for Submission?

    Q: I enjoyed reading the tips for writers listed on your webpage. You mention that is important to list the name of the submissions editor; however, I am finding this piece of information extremely hard to find. I know that Patricia Lee Gauch and Micheal Green are Editors for Philomel, but I cannot find the name of the Submission’s Editor at Philomel. I have tried googling and calling New York to no avail. Do you have any advice on how I could find this information, or should I just submit my ms to “Dear Submissions Editor?”

    Thank you for your time,

    A: Dig deeper!

    You research until you find something.

    • Internet Search
    • Use Organization Resources
      Check the scbwi.org pages for possible conferences where you can meet some of your favorites: SCBWI list of regional events. The SCBWI is the Society of Children’s Bookwriters & Illustrators, the only professional organization dedicated to those who write and illustrate for children. There are many local chapters and lots of help available.
    • Network
      Use resources such as Verla Kay’s Blue Boards, which has a category not only listing editors and agents, but also their response times, or the amount of time it takes for him or her to reply to various submissions. Or use the SCBWI boards (available only to members) to network and ask around.

      In other words, you still need to make that personal connection! It’s a personal business and you’ll sell better if you’ve met someone.

    What’s Your Question?

    Thanks for the question, DH!
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