Today, I’m chillaxing (see Def. #1). I deserve it, I think you’ll agree. I finished the 3rd major revision of my novel yesterday. Wahoo!

Don’t worry, plot will be back on Monday.

My plan for today is to Chillax

So, here are the chillaxy things I plan to do today:

  • Behind the scenes Blog Tweaks. Finish tweaking the newly installed Events plugin, which nicely produces an Events Page, listing my speaking engagements. This year, I’ll go to Idaho, Massachusetts, Michigan, Texas, Upstate New York and Alabama. If you’re anywhere close, come! And be sure to introduce yourself!

  • Read YOUR blogs-here are some gems I’ve recently bookmarked.
  • Read my daughter’s new blog, Sticks, Rocks and Dirt. She’s a vegan. People often ask her–seriously unable to fathom this dietary lifestyle, “What do you eat?” Her standard answer is “Sticks, rocks and dirt.” Hence, the blog. She’s living now in Denver and loves the whole “eat locally” philosophy.
  • Brainstorm. Work on my new Friday Ideas word: clumsy.
  • Talk and listen, listen and talk. Meet a friend for coffee.
  • Clean my office? Nah, I’ll do that next week.

Shameless Commerce Division – More Blog Tweaks

As the Car Talk guys always say, this is the Shameless Commerce Division. I now have several eBooks available. I’ll be tweaking the lousy thumbnail images, which I never seem to get right:

  • Winter Writing with Kids – 5 Lessons. Based on Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer and other winter characters. Price: Free download.

  • I Wrote a Book – Now What?
    Based on a presentation at the 2009 Arkansas Library Association conferece, this ebook gives resources and advice to new writers. Price: Free download.

  • How To Write a Children’s Picture Book.
    Based on a picturebook retreat, this has 36 self-paced lessons to help you write, polish and sell your picture book. Price: $10. Download immediately.
  • After the First Draft. 30 one-minute tips to get you through a fast second draft of your novel. Perfect for those who did NaNoWriMo. Price: $5. Download immediately.
  • The Wayfinder. Middle grade novel, now available through Kindle or Mobipocket. Price: $6.99 Now on sale for $1.99

1 Comment
  • Charlotte Rains Dixon
    January 23, 2010

    Wow, you definitely deserve to chillax! Congratulations on finishing the third draft. I finished the eighth draft of my novel last fall and it is now with an agent.