2009 Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market

2009 CWIM

Time to Market

It’s time to market those novels, nonfiction projects, picture books and magazine articles. And there’s solid help available in the 2009 Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market which just hit the bookshelves.

This market guide is like a big telephone directory of publishers, including contact information, how to query, what types of books each publisher wants, and tips from publishers. The front of the book is a wealth of articles — I often keep outdated market guides just for the articles.

This year, I have an article included: “What’s In? What’s Out? An Expert Panel Talks Trends.” This was a fun article because I interviewed a book seller, a librarian/blogger, an agent, a writer, and a teen/webmaster of teen review site.

It was great fun to see the differing points of view!

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