2007 Wisconsin Picturebook Retreat


by Darcy Pattison
I was in Madison, Wisconsin this weekend for a Picturebook Retreat. You can see pictures here.
We spent the weekend talking about and revising picturebooks:

  • Imperative of the Unique: “Wonderful insistence on FRESH and UNIQUE.” Kathleen Petrella.
  • Focus and structure: “Very useful. I’ll be working through all my stories using these techniques.” Susan Manzke
  • Forms–What’s the best way to tell a story?: “This section gave me permission to completely change my story by telling it different ways I may never have thought of.” Cynthia Schumerth
  • Rhythm and Rhyme: “Good to think beyond poetry v. prose and to get into the rhythm and rhym in each story.” Kate Heling
  • Verbal music: “This was the most important thing for me. You helped me to understand the WHY we do this.” Cynthia Schumerth.
  • Verbal music: “This session made the most radical difference in the way I revised my language.”
  • Dummying the Story: “I’d never done this. The exercise forced me to look at my stories in a different way.” Susan Manzke
  • Dummying the Story: “Excellent. The best ever hands on activity. Helps me believe in the story.” Kathy Hoyos.
  • Friday Ideas (Brainstorming new ideas): “Great idea. Great activity. Not always fun to be pushed, but always worthwhile. Also, nice to have something we can continue at home.” Kim Galkenstein
  • Friday Ideas (Brainstorming new ideas): “I hated this when you first asked us to do it but I think it may emerge as the most powerful thing I’ll take away from this weeknd.” Kate Heling
  • Overall: “This conference was absolutely what I needed. You have such great energy and best of all is your honesty. That’s what helped me create a much better ms.” Mary von Tish.
  • Overall: “This workshop was everything I hoped it would be! It confirmed things I knew but gave me so many tools for growing beyond my current level.” Kate Heling.

Thanks to everyone in Wisconsin for their hospitality!

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