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  • Building a Writing Career

    Are you in this business for the long haul? Then you should think hard about the next book you choose to write. Will it help you in building a writing career? Maybe, maybe not. Here are some thing to think about. What’s the Next Logical Book for your Audience to Read from You? The biggest […]

  • 4 Ways to Manage the Frustration of Being “Almost” Published

    Guest post by Michael Alvear I once had an agent ask for an exclusive. Then he requested three rounds of revisions, and still didn’t sign me. I’ve also had a publisher tell me that they “love my work” but passed on my manuscript because they had something “too similar” coming out the following year. If […]

  • Mentor a Writer: Lessons from Biking

    Mentor a Writer: Lessons from Biking

    How are learning to ride a bike and learning to write great novels alike? Today’s post is an extended metaphor on my experiences with both. Writing Mentors: What’s the Minimum Your Writer Needs? Let me start with the end in sight. This photo shows me in the middle of a 25 mile ride this weekend. […]

  • In Publishing, You Live or Die by Your Opinion

    I once asked an editor if she regretted passing on the opportunity to become the publisher of the Harry Potter series. The editor said, “In the publishing world, you live or die by your opinion. In spite of Harry Potter’s success, it still wouldn’t have been the right book for me to publish.” In Your […]

  • Turning Out Words: Productivity

    My life is full. And I don’t want it any other way. I’m blessed to have such a rich, varied and full life. But, oh! Life is full! And I need to get writing done. I recently read a great book on productivity. Now, don’t let it scare you away, because it’s called, 2K to […]

  • Go, Indie! Young Writer Go, Indie!

    On July 13, 1865, Horace Greeley penned an editorial that is famously quoted: “Go West, young man, go West and grow up with the country.” I had the privilege of meeting with a young writer this week who wanted to chat about her future. She’s articulate, smart and engaged. She’s already a member of a […]