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  • 3 Tools to Help Part Time Writers Work Smarter, Stay Focused and Track Progress

    In a recent survey, 75% of Fiction Notes readers said they write part time. You’re trying to find time to write. You’re juggling writing time with family and other commitments. You’re balancing a job, kids, husband and a passion for writing. I feel your pain. While I now work full time, I spent many years […]

  • Find Your Novel Opening: Quickly, Efficiently–and with MORE Creativity

    I’ve been fiddling with the opening of the second book of a trilogy, Blue Planets, for several weeks, trying to plot, trying to think of new and exciting ways to tell the story. I KNOW the story. It’s bringing it down to specifics that’s hard. Part of my problem is that Book 1 in this […]

  • Fowler’s Toad: He Chose Our Pond

    One night In May, I noticed a very loud sound from right outside our window. My husband, Dwight, has a fish pond right outside our kitchen door. The sound was loud! So, on May 26, I whipped out my iphone and taped the noise. You’ll hear the noise at 7 seconds into the tape, and […]

  • Hope: Send Me Your Good News

    Writers live by hope. We hope that the next story will break out. We hope that the next submission will sell. We hope that the next revision will be amazing. We hope that the next royalty check will be double. We hope readers will love our stories. Hope. It’s how we live. And I love […]

  • Ban Cliches: How to Stand Out in Today’s Crowded Market

    The number one rejection I hear is this: “The story doesn’t stand out in today’s crowded market.” The SCBWI is creating an opportunity for illustrators to test their art and how it holds up in today’s market. Each month, the “Draw This” monthly art prompt will provide a word for members to illustrate. For years […]

  • Full Life? Take a Class

    My life is full and overflowing! My son is moving to Denver to go to school. I’m traveling and speaking a lot this month: see the Highlights picture book retreat and the Eastern PA SCBWI conference. In the midst of lots of busyness, how do you keep your focus on writing? I’m taking a class. […]