P.J. Hoover: Class of 2K8

This is part of a year-long series about those intrepid newcomers, The Class of 2k8. To help marketing efforts for debut novelists, these 28 novelists have banded together to create a group marketing effort.

PJ Hoover: Class of 2K8

emerald tablet

My Writing Space

My writing space didn’t use to exist. Grand two-story entries were all the rage when our house was built; I guess they still are. After kids and toys poured over into every nook and cranny we had, I started getting visions. Visions of flooring over the two story entry and creating a loft.

Now I work in my 7×8 cubby overlooking our front yard. I surround myself with some stuff to make me happy and other stuff to inspire me. If something can do both, it gets promoted to the desktop or the first shelf. If I can hang it, I do. If it’s a bill to pay, I put it on my keyboard—to get rid of it as fast as possible.
PJ Hoover\'s desk
Random odd things you can spot in the picture: a mummy Smurf; an urn with ashes of my dog; my favorite stuffed animal; a feather from a buzzard (yes, I washed it well); a Rubik’s Cube.

I also keep a basic plot outline within sight, along with some key things I try to remember while writing. These include tension on every page, use the five senses, and develop minor and peripheral characters. Do I also remember to follow them? No. But I try. And the visual helps remind me.

The bed under the desk is not for me. It’s for my dog (not the one of whose ashes I spoke of earlier). And sometimes my son kicks her out of the bed and falls asleep there instead. I never mind. At this point, I’m just happy he wants to be around me.

Am I always neat? Yes. Am I always clean? No. But I try to dust at least once a month. OK, maybe once every two months. It’s why I don’t keep white gloves around.

P. J. Hoover (http://www.pjhoover.com)

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