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Christmas, Self-Publishing & Self-Editing: Book Reviews and Software Review


Book reviews and a software review. Are you books ready for the Christmas shopping season? Do you need information on self-publishing options? Or do you need to improve your self-editing skills? Today, I'll review a couple books and a software program. BOOK REVIEW: 50 Ways to Sell a Sleigh-Load of Books: Proven Marketing Strategies to Sell More ...

Author Newsletters


Author newsletters are crucial, whether you're an indie author or not. But for Indies, your newsletter could make or break your business. This blog, Fiction Notes, has been going since 2008 (Yes! 10 years of archives! So search for topics!) My approach to author newsletters has been to sign up folks to get new blog posts ...

Word Choices for Picture Books: Two by Two by Wordsmith Lisa Stauffer


Word Choices: Getting Granular With Read-Aloud Books Guest post by Lisa Lowe Stauffer Twice I’ve had the opportunity to participate in Darcy Pattison’s Novel Metamorphosis retreat. Although I gained a lot of great tips and information, and have revised several novels via the NOVEL METAMORPHOSIS workbook, one thing in particular that Darcy talked about blew me away. At ...

Book Distribution 2018


Book Distribution 2018 Book distribution, where your books are connecting with people, is a crucial decision for selling books. If a reader hears about your book and they try to buy it in their favorite format from their favorite store/vendor, it must be available. That means you should know where your customer shops. Children's librarians use ...

Big Ideas: Why a Children’s BOOK?


Big ideas: Why a children's BOOK? In this post, I'm emphasizing the question of why create a BOOK? When you have an idea about something you want to tell children, you have many options for communicating that information or story. You could create a video, have a conversation with your grandchild, write a magazine piece, write an ...

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