15 Days to Stronger Characters

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You need tips on “how to write a novel” or “how to revise a novel.” Start here with ideas on how to strengthen your characters. Then read the companion series, Novel Diagnosis and 30 Days to a Stronger NOVEL.

15 Days to Stronger Characters

15 Days to Stronger Characters series. www.darcypattison.com

Characterization Begins with Names and Nicknames

Character Roles and Jobs

5 Character Traits to Explore

5 Tips on Character Descriptions

Improving Character Descriptions With Body Language

Characters’ Voices Reveal Traits

5 Questions about Character Desires

When Characters Show Their Weakness

5 Secrets about your Characters’ Secrets

This I Believe

The Versatile Point of View

5 Questions about First Person POV

5 Ways to Keep Characters Consistent

My Character’s Whispering Secrets

Villains Don’t Always Wear Black

Novel Revision

Novel Metamorphosis is a workbook for revising your novel and that includes intensive work on your characters.

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  1. […] I need to add characters with real problems they must overcome. I am sifting through the ideas for characters, looking for flaws, quirks and a heart for readers to connect with. I also need to add a setting, […]