21 Jan

FN 001: Shrunken Manuscript – 6 Ways to See Your Manuscript

Welcome to the first Fiction Notes Podcast, where you’ll learn six ways to use the Shrunken Manuscript.

I teach a novel revision retreat; in order to attend, you must have a complete draft of a novel and we spend the weekend talking about how to revise that manuscript. The workbook for that is Novel Metamorphosis: Uncommon Ways to Revise. Traditionally, we only go into depth on the Shrunken Manuscript technique in the retreat, but for the first time publicly, I’m going to explain six ways to use the Shrunken Manuscript. It’s a fitting topic for Fiction Notes’ first Podcast.

ShowNotes for Fiction Notes 001: Shrunken Manuscript

1:45 Instructions on Shrinking a Manuscript
3:32 Seeing your strongest chapters
8:49 Seeing your major plot points
11:49 Seeing your antagonist v. protagonist
14:22 Seeing your character arc
17:17 Seeing your scenes
18:42 Seeing your novel’s pacing

Items Mentioned in this Podcast:

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13 thoughts on “FN 001: Shrunken Manuscript – 6 Ways to See Your Manuscript

  1. Judith:
    Thanks! Yes, it is helpful even when drafting, partly because it forces you to think about what your ideal novel would be.

  2. Thank you for sharing this great podcast, Darcy. I’m one of the visual learners you mentioned. Although it seems simple when I hear you say it, I had yet to find a way to ‘mark’ my manuscripts for visual impact while editing. This is simply brilliant! Thank you again.

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