Wanted: Your Revision Story


Wanted: Your Revision Story

As part of an ongoing feature, I’d like to hear your revision story.


Kirby Larson
Dori Butler
Kristin Wolden Nitz
Alan Gratz

Class of 2k8 Authors

These are authors with debut novels in 2008.
Jody Feldman
Kristin O’Donnell Tubb
April: Zu Vincent
April: M.P. Barker
May: Sarah Prineas
June: Daphne Grab
July: N.A. Nelson
August: Laurel Snyder
September: Nancy Viau
October: Ellen Booraem
October: P.J. Hoover
October: Courtney Sheinmel

If you want to be part of this, here are questions for you to consider. Please email me the resulting story at darcy at darcypattison.com I’ll let you know when the story will be posted. While I make every effort to include stories from all authors, I reserve the right to use my discretion in accepting a story. By submitting the story, you agree that I have the non-exclusive right to include the story on my website, Revision Notes.

General Guidelines and Questions

Stories should run about 500 words and focus on a specific idea, technique, process, strategy, tool, etc. that you used in revising a novel.

  1. What is your normal process of revision?
  2. What did you do differently in revising this novel? Please be very specific. Readers are looking for fast, easy tips that they can apply to their novel revision process, too. Short excerpts showing a before and after are fine, as long as it stays within the word limit.
  3. Please end with a one or two sentence of bio and promo for the novel. Include a link to your website, if you wish, and a link to your novel on Amazon or other online distributor.

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