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Open with a Scene


I'm judging a contest for a state award's program and I'm struck again by stories that open with a scene. Reading through a dozen manuscripts at a time, you get an overview of what works and what doesn't. I've written a lot about the opening of a story here (the most popular post on this blog) ...

Plotting: The Messy Doorway to Story


I'm plotting a new trilogy of novels, and as usual, it's hard. I keep thinking that someday I'll figure out THE way to plot "correctly." So far, that hasn't happened. Every time I start again, the process is unclear, messy, frustrating, and likely to fail at any moment. Yet, somehow, I muddle through to a ...

Catalogs: A Marketing Tool for Indie Publishers


I've just finalized my 2018 Mims House catalog. Catalogs are great marketing tools for indie publishers. You may think that only big publishers need these. But I've found them great tools to spread the word about my books. Download Mims House 2018 Catalog Click/Right SAVEAS to download the 2018 catalog. Download ONLY the 2018 Mims House Ordering Form. Even ...

eBooks: The backbone of self-publishing


The digital revolution and the rise of self-publishing or indie publishing has been fueled by two things: ebooks and print-on-demand (POD) books. eBooks are inexpensive and easy to distribute. POD books remove the need for expensive up-front costs of printing thousands of books and then warehousing them. Instead, a book is only printed when there's ...

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