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Main Character: Who is Your Protagonist?

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A basic question for every story is this: Who is the main character? Today, many novels alternate POV characters, especially in first person. Or, the novel has an assemblage of characters. This rarely works because the reader needs to have some home base from which to view the story. The choice of a main character affects ...

Book Notes: The Charmed Children of Rookskill Castle

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One thing that I harp about is the use of great sensory details. When a story is specific, it comes alive. Janet Fox does an amazing job of choosing the exactly right details in her story, The Charmed Children of Rookskill Castle. She chooses details that create a mood and pull on your emotions. A fairy-tale ...

Research for Your Novel

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Do you think that research is only for nonfiction writers? Wrong. Novelists must get their facts right, too. Here are some things I research. Characters: Research Psychology and Tropes I often research behavior from a psychologist's point-of-view. I want to know the typical stages of grief. Or what are some common character traits of a leader. What ...

How to Write a Children’s Picture Book

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What are your favorite children's picture books? Are they books you remember from your childhood? Are they books you read to your kids? Picture books, maybe more than any other literary genre, call up fond memories. Sharing a picture book with your parents or with your kids--it's more than just a book. It's an experience, ...

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