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Building a Writing Career

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Are you in this business for the long haul? Then you should think hard about the next book you choose to write. Will it help you in building a writing career? Maybe, maybe not. Here are some thing to think about. What's the Next Logical Book for your Audience to Read from You? The biggest question is ...

5 Ramblings for 2017

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Today is a series of rambles, comments on a variety of things. Why do we keep on writing? I ask myself this at least monthly, if not weekly and daily. Why? And there are many answers. Because there's a story to finish. Because there are readers to please. Because I can't NOT write. Putting words into print seems to ...

Pitch Wars: The Inside Scoop

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Guest blog by Elle Evans (Twitter: @ElleEvansWrites) It's Intense! It’s pretty much impossible to tackle any huge undertaking without help. Landing on the moon, running a country, or—writing a good book. Sometimes it takes an online village, as the saying should go. As an aspiring children’s book author, this year I went looking for some serious help ...

2017 NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Book

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LITTLE ROCK, AR – December 13, 2016 — For 100 days in 2012, a Johnson jumping spider (Phiddipus johnsonii) circled Earth while aboard the International Space Station. She circled the Earth 1584 times, traveling about 41,580,000 miles. When author Darcy Pattison heard the story, she researched and wrote a children’s picture book, Nefertiti, the Spidernaut: ...

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