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Kobo eBook Readers Coming to WalMart


Are you a Kobo reader? If not, you may be soon because Kobo ebook readers are coming to Wal-Mart by the end of the year. Read about the deal on Wal-Mart's blog. This might be a perfect time to find out what your students will be discussing this fall and putting on their Christmas wish lists. Kobo ...

Illustrators: Finding and Working with an Illustrator for Your Children’s Picture Book


Here’s the thing about searching for illustrators for your indie children’s picture books: it’s all about creating the best book possible. Within the bounds of your story, your creative sensibility, and your budget, how do you create the best book possible? (NOTE: If you plan to submit your work to a traditional publisher, this article isn't ...

Accounting for Writers


Have you sold any writing at all, any place, any time? Yes? That means you need to know about accounting for writers. You know - the tax people want to know how much money you made, and what you spent to make that money, and if you have anything left over as profit at the ...

Writers Beware!


In the world of self-publishing, it's writers beware! Publishing a book is a business. That means money changes hands and whenever money is involved, there's always a chance of fraud. The best defense for writers it to arm yourself with knowledge about what is and isn't typical for a certain transaction. Agents Agents are hired by you to ...

Finding Time to Write


I have a young friend who at 16 has written two novels. Amazing. She's worked hard on them, writing non-stop. Some days, I envied her because (well everyone envies a 16-year-olds' health!) her life isn't cluttered up with things. She could choose to write because there were few demands on her time. Recently, though, she started a part-time ...

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