My Favorite Thanksgiving Books

These are my favorite Thanksgiving books:

  • Molly's Pilgrim
    Molly’s Pilgrim by Barbara Cohen.

    This classic never fails to touch my heart. Molly has to make a Pilgrim for her class’s Thanksgiving celebration. Mama tells her that she will make the Pilgrim, so go on to bed. But Mama makes a doll that looks like a Russian peasant. This poignant story reminds us that Thanksgiving is made anew for each immigrant today.

  • Thank You, Sarah!Thank You, Sarah! by Laurie Halse Anderson.

    This great story tells how Sarah Hale, a true American hero, saved Thanksgiving with the mighty power of the pen. The voice is informal, almost flippant, as the narrator addresses the audience in a second person point of view. Great use of authorial voice. Great information. Great inspiration.

My family comes in today and I’ll be cooking turkey, watching football and generally playing–or, as my son says, I’ll be chillaxing. I’ll be back on Monday!

Happy Thanksgiving to All.

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