7 in 7


sign photo by Bisayan Lady
Have you decided to join the National Picture Book Writing Week? It started today and you need to write a picture book (with a beginning, middle and end) each day.

Of course, if you write seven, you’ll need to revise seven! So, come back the next week and read through my series, 30 Days to a Stronger Picture Book. Or read it as the week goes along for inspiration.

Yes, I’m going to try 7 in 7! Life is very hectic, so I may not make it, but I’m going to try.

LATER: I actually went over to try to leave a comment that I’m going to try this. But you have to register with the blog website before you can make comments. That’s not worth it to me, I’ll just do it on my own and credit Paula with a good idea.

Are YOU doing the 7 in 7?