Call for Characters

Hello, characters! Ahem!
Ah, thank you for your attention. I’m doing a casting call for leading ladies and men in my next novel. So, I’ll have each of you walk across the stage, just walk across.

Contrasts. I’m looking for contrasts in names, height, weight, ethnic background, style of clothing and personality factors. If X loves cats, Y should love lizards. No, not dogs, silly.

Unique. Because I’m also looking for unique. Not weird, but fun and different, interesting. Perhaps, you know everything about chess, or about raising anole lizards. See? Lizards.

(Yes, those are my criteria: contrast and unique.)

After I pick a couple dozen of you out of the crowd, then I want you to just stand up there and talk to someone.

Ah. See that kid over there biting his fingernails? He’s awkwardly tall and socially inept. He’s in! Yes, he’s in because I know that I want someone who is a leader, outgoing, social. And remember the number one requirement, contrast? Well, if one character is outgoing, the opposite is shy. He’s the only one who is shy enough.

And that character there–the one who has five others hanging on his every word? Yes, he’s in, too. Gotta have that gregarious sort.

But the third character is a bit of a puzzle. If outgoing and shy are the main criteria use on the first two, this one must be something else. Oh, look! Over on the basketball court, did you see that?

What? The slam dunk? Nah. Not interested, I’ve already got one show-off. No, did you see the girl to delivered the pass, so the slam dunk could happen? Yes, I”m interested in a side-kick, someone who can give support without stealing the limelight. Hey! She did another great pass. She’s good at it and Mr. Slam Dunk depends on her for that pass. I like dependable.

Thanks! Cast call is done!

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