Writing Goals


What are Your Writing Goals?

What are you writing goals? Have they changed?

I know that one of my early writing goals was to write a great read-aloud picture book. And a second goal was to write a middle grade fantasy. Those are still my goals.

Yet, I’m working on a middle grade, character-driven (definitely NOT a fantasy) novel.
Writing Goals

Abandoned or Just Changed Goals

Have my goals developed and changed with time? Or have I abandoned my old goals, betrayed them, so to speak?

I don’t know.

Picture books. Since I started thinking about this, I’ve gone back to the picture books I have in progress and evaluated: could this one be a great read-aloud? If not, is it one that is high priority for me to work on? Why or why not?

I’ve read the WIPs aloud. Have I tried to use language that flows, have I anticipated places where kids can join in a refrain? What are my goals as I work on picture books.

Novels. I’ve also pulled out old drafts of novels. Hey, they read pretty well after sitting a long time. So, what would it take for this fantasy mss to be salable? Is this story a priority?

I’ll finish the novel revision I’m doing now. But I’m evaluating and prioritizing my next efforts. Have my goals changed? Or do I need to return to abandoned goals?

What about you?

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