Writer’s Block? Lower Your Standards

Maybe you aren’t writing because that internal editor demands perfection.
Lower your standards.

I am running again, following the Couch 2 5K program and there are days when it is hard! (Every day!) Like Monday. My legs gave out after 15-16 minutes and I stopped long before my planned 30 minutes. Still. That was more than I was running 3 months ago. I was a success. That didn’t mean I gave up on my goal of 30 mintues. I did that today, this morning. My goal this morning was 30 minutes, or at least, more than I ran on Monday. At 26 minutes into it, I wanted to stop again. But, gee, only 4 minutes left. You can’t stop then. I finished the whole 30 minutes. I did it by lowering my standards temporarily (beat Monday’s measly 16 minutes), and allowing myself to fail. On the other hand, when the finish was in sight, I made sure I didn’t stop.

So, in a first draft, we lower our standards. It’s just a first draft, get something on paper! Later, you can clean it up, revise it, or throw it away. But get the story down!

Writer’s block? Lower your standards! (Shh! Temporarily.)

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