life rhythms

For me the rhythms of life control a lot about my writing. In early June, I expected to get a lot of writing done this summer. And I have. But not the long concentrated times of thinking as I expected. It was shorter things, more stop and start stuff.

Handsome Luke
Handsome Luke

My son moves to college this weekend and I’m anticipating that next week the rhythms of my life will move into those long concentrated thinking times.

Even within a single day, there are rhythms: read email, stop for coffee, work on a story, stop to answer emails, work on a story, eat lunch, email, then story again, before I can’t think anymore and I do the small chores of filing, organizing information, reading research materials, then back up my flash drive, shut down and drive home.

Rhythms, habits, ways of working – whatever you call it, I try to pay attention and work with, rather than against, the rhythms. Monday? I’ve printed out my mss in 7 point font and am ready to tackle the shrunken manuscript and then get busy revising.