12 Perfect Gifts for Writers in 2012

For the holiday season, I am asking people what Writerly Things would you buy if someone gave you $1000. Here are my suggestions for some Writerly Things. I think you’ll still have some change left over for a cup of coffee!

  1. I recently attended the Arkansas Reading Association convention and met Newbery Honor winner (x 2) Gary Schmidt. He was talking about his new book, What Came From the Stars. But on the book table, I noticed he had another 2012 book out, Acceptable Words: Prayers for the Writer. An academic, Schmidt draws on the long history of Western Civilization’s literature to present prayers from writers. It is rare to find a book that talks about faith and writing in the same breath and this book is indeed a rare treat. Co-authored by Elizabeth Stickney, Schmidt’s wife, it is a gem. Whatever your faith tradition, this is highly recommended.

    Watch this book trailer as an example of what you’ll find in this book.

    If you can’t see this video, click here.

    And here is a 13:30 minute video interviewing Gary Schmidt and Elizabeth Stickney.

    If you can’t see the video, click here.

  2. Yes, I think an iPad is a great tool for writers. It is an easy way to write. And if you get one, here are two apps that have helped.
  3. TapTyping – typing trainer – Flairify LLC. You don’t have to carry around a separate keyboard if you just use this refresher typing app to help you get accustomed to typing on the iPad keyboard. I find that I drift–my hands get off the Home Keys because there isn’t a little bump, the kinesthetic cue that tells me where the Home Keys lie. But the TapTyping app got me back on track.
  4. To write notes, with a stylus, your finger, or a smart stylus, I tried about these three apps: Moleskine Journal – Moleskine Srl, Paper by FiftyThree – FiftyThree, Inc., and Noteshelf – Ramki. These are the ultimate blank books, just waiting for you to fill them with your musings.
    The best? Noteshelf – Ramki. Reliable, versatile and fun.
  5. Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse. Tired of plastic and metal for your keyboard and mouse? Go Bamboo! This keyboard comes in walnut, mahagony, red and other finishes. Really cool looking!

  6. Moo Cards. I use Moo Cards and get more comments on the quality of the paper. One nice thing is that you can order a bunch with alternating reverse sides, which means you can use multiple book covers on the reverse without it getting really expensive. They’ll save your info, too, so you can come back in six or twelve months and just reorder. Fast, great quality. Love them.
  7. Gift certificate for full body massage. Or three gift cards for massages!

  8. Writer’s Market 2013 Help your Writer love one to sell something this year!

  9. For YouTube promotions, you need a portable video camera and the Kodak Zi8 Pocket video camera is the best! Why? Because it has an external jack for a microphone. When you are taping, the audio is crucial. Oddly enough, the visuals count less than the audio. Really. And you want an inexpensive lapel microphone (lavalier microphone) like this one.
  10. You can read my kindle-book, The Book Trailer Manaul if you don’t believe me. Buy now, during the holidays and practice on friends and family, so you can do a professional book trailer when you need to.
  11. The Career Novelist by Donald Maass. Free pdf download. This is an older book, but it still has a lot of wisdom in it.
  12. A subscription to Publishers Weekly – Exact Editions Ltd

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