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  • Storms and Findings

    A couple bits of personal news: My picture book, PRAIRIE STORMS, comes out in August. The illustrator, Kathleen Rietz has done monthly coloring pages, and here’s the July page! Please LIKE the Prairie Storms Facebook Page for monthly coloring pages. And please let your friends with kids know about the monthly nature coloring pages. The […]

  • Digital Versions of The Wayfinder

    My novel, The Wayfinder, is now available in two different digital versions. You can still find used copies of the book on Amazon, Abebooks and other online stores. In addition, you can download the novel from Amazon’s Kindle store and from Mobipocket’s Ebook store. Amazon’s version requires the Kindle, Amazon’s exclusive ebook reader. Mobipocket can […]

  • Ebooks

    Are Ebooks finally ready for Prime Time? I hated it when, about ten years ago, my local library went to the online digital version of the reference book, Books in Print. I tried to look up something about quilts. There were about 5-600 entries beginning with Quilt in the title, and in the paper version, […]