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  • Backstory

    by Darcy Pattison Last week, I made a few comments about backstory, but I wanted to spend more time on it. Impact of Reading SFF Many of my thoughts about backstory are shaped by the needs of fantasy and science fiction writing (sff) where the writer creates a world, complete with complex histories and magical […]

  • Hattie Big Sky

    Kirby Larson, author of Newbery Honor book, HATTIE BIG SKY, says, “I didn’t know how to revise until. . .

  • The Writer’s Voice: What is Voice?

    This week, I’m revising Paper Lightning: Sparking Student Brainstorming for Effective Prewriting, a teacher resource book that will come out next year. The editor keeps asking me to clarify places and I shoot her back a casual email. She likes “the you” that comes through in the emails and has asked me to include more […]