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  • Author as Publisher?

    Richard Curtis in a recent EReads post asks a provocative question: Do authors make good publishers? The question is in the context of ebooks, keep that in mind. They point to high-profile authors who have tried this route this year: Cory Doctorow, Seth Godwin and J.A. Conrath. Curtis concludes that the services of a publisher […]

  • The Ultimate Query Letter Guide

    How to Write a Query Letter I’m attending a retreat this weekend and we are supposed to bring a query letter for critique. In preparation, I’ve read a variety of articles about “how to write a successful query letter” and found the best available on the internet today. Basics How to Write a Query A […]

  • Donna St. Cyr: 2k9 Debut Novelist

    Introduced first in 2007, authors debuting children’s books have formed a cooperative effort to market their novels. Last year, I featured many of the stories of how the 2k8 Novels Were Revised. This is part of the ongoing stories from the Class of 2k9 authors and how they went about revising their novels. From Creative […]

  • The Biggest Mistake in Submitting a Picture Book

    What is the biggest mistake made when submitting a picture book to a publisher? You do NOT need to find an illustrator The question most often asked is this: “How do I find an illustrator for my book?” You don’t. The publisher chooses the illustrator. In fact, you cut your chances of selling in half, […]