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  • Nonfiction Picture Books: 7 Choices

    I’ve written before about writing a children’s picture book in this 30 Days to a Stronger Picture Book Series and the basics remain true. However, nonfiction picture books are currently getting a fresh look, mostly because of the education reforms known as Common Core. It requires elementary students to read 50% nonfiction, 50% fiction. That […]

  • Help Me Write a Book: 10 Books to Help you Get Started

    It’s a question I often hear: Can you help me write a book? Yes. Absolutely. Here are ten books that will help you write a novel or a picture book. Some are my books, some are other authors’. Help with Basic Writing Skills–how to write a sentence.The Art of Styling Sentences Help Understanding Basic Story […]

  • Picture Books: Trust the Writing Process

    A friend and I are working on an idea for a picture book based on a true life event. The challenges in doing this are multiple. First, it has to has to interest the audience of small children and adults, because picture books really have two audiences, the kids and the adults who read to […]

  • February 750 word challenge

    Take the February 750word challenge. The website 750words.com challenges writers every month to write every day that month and make it at least 750 words. Now, think about it. February only has 28 days; except this is a leap year, sorry. Still, that’s one day less to win this challenge. You can write 750 words […]

  • Are Epub Picture Books Still 32 Pages?

    DOES EPUB CHANGE THE 32-PAGE ILLUSTRATED PICTURE BOOK? The gold standard for printed, illustrated children’s picture books is 32 pages. It has to do with the way paper folds: eight sheets will fold nicely into what is called a signature. More than that, the ends of the pages don’t align well. Four signatures is 32 […]

  • Does Sentence Structure Affect Tone?

    Tone is the overall feel of a story. Does this sound depressed, joyful, or hopeful? Beyond that, though, tone can determine the audience for your story. One of the main differences between a middle grade and YA, or a YA and an adult story, is the tone of the piece. Tone reflects the author’s attitude […]