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  • The Biggest Mistake in Submitting a Picture Book

    What is the biggest mistake made when submitting a picture book to a publisher? You do NOT need to find an illustrator The question most often asked is this: “How do I find an illustrator for my book?” You don’t. The publisher chooses the illustrator. In fact, you cut your chances of selling in half, […]

  • How to Mock-up a Picture Book

    When you’re happy with the revisions of your picture book manuscript, it’s time to mock-up a picture book, or what is usually called making a dummy. Why Make a Dummy? Picture books combine text and words in a short 32 page book. The structure is so unusual, that you need a mock-up or a dummy […]

  • 5 Ways to Make The Reader Turn the Page

    One of the key things I check when revising a picture book manuscript is page turns. Have I given the reader any reason to keep turning pages, or does each page stand alone and the reader doesn’t care if s/he finishes the book? 5 Ways to Make the Reader Turn the Page Stop a sentence […]

  • Friday Ideas 2008

    Where do you find your ideas? Every author gets this question, but I’m one of the few who has a straightforward answer. Go to www.illustrationfriday.com. Friday Ideas 2008 Last year, in the midst of lots of family struggles, I asked several people to join me in trying to come up with more original picturebook ideas. […]