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  • NonFiction Picture Books: Research Required

    How much research do you need to do for a children’s nonfiction picture book? Tons! Nonfiction means that you have the facts straight, ma’am. 3 sources agree. Traditionally, writers look fora at least three sources to back up each piece of information. This means the content isn’t just a personal opinion or a poorly researched […]

  • Nonfiction Picture Books: 7 Choices

    I’ve written before about writing a children’s picture book in this 30 Days to a Stronger Picture Book Series and the basics remain true. However, nonfiction picture books are currently getting a fresh look, mostly because of the education reforms known as Common Core. It requires elementary students to read 50% nonfiction, 50% fiction. That […]

  • 42: Harrison Ford’s Example of Preparing for an Audition

    I am interested in writing a nonficiton book and talked to an editor about the idea this week. She is interested. Hurrah! But she needs a full proposal that includes a table of contents and a sample chapter. In other words, I have to do some–no, a lot–of work, on spec, before I get a […]

  • It’s an Info Dump, But It Works

    When writing a novel, one common admonishment is to keep in mind the goal of entertaining the reader. Fiction’s purpose is to entertain; non-fiction’s purpose is to inform. But the lines between the two can often blur, as when non-fiction uses narrative techniques. This week, I’ve been reading Cory Doctorow’s book, For the Win and […]

  • Book Proposals: Sell Your Work

    On Spec or Proposal? When you want to sell a book, there are two options. First, you can write the book, hoping that it will sell. We call this writing “on speculation,” or “on spec.” It means you are taking the up-front risk of time and effort to write, in the hopes that someone will […]

  • Dummies and Prairies

    YA for Dummies and Prairie Storms What sounds does a ground hog make? An earless lizard? A burrowing owl? Six months ago, I had no idea! When I decided to create a book trailer for my forthcoming book, PRAIRIE STORMS, I knew I wanted something fun and useful for kids, parents and educators. We know […]