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  • Hashtags to Connect With Readers

    Authors, do you want to connect with readers via Twitter? One of the ways for readers to find your author tweets about your book(s) is through the strategic use of hashtags, keywords that are prefaced with this sign: #. On Twitter, hashtags allow you to categorize your tweet. But what tweets should authors use to […]

  • 11 Ways to Ruin a Photograph

    11 Ways to Ruin a Photograph

    Awkward Family Photos Holidays mean family photos, right? This children’s book shows the extremes to which a kid can go to avoid those photos. The difference is that this girl has a good reason. THE STORY: “11 Ways to Ruin a Photograph” When her father goes soldiering for a year, a girl decides that without […]

  • 3 Examples of Sharpening Humor for Kids

    I am working on an short chapter book and I want it to be funny. My kids say I have no sense of humor and they are right. But fortunately, I have a quote for that: I love revisions. Where else in life can spilled milk be transformed into ice cream?” ~ Katherine Paterson, Gates […]

  • Does Sentence Structure Affect Tone?

    Tone is the overall feel of a story. Does this sound depressed, joyful, or hopeful? Beyond that, though, tone can determine the audience for your story. One of the main differences between a middle grade and YA, or a YA and an adult story, is the tone of the piece. Tone reflects the author’s attitude […]

  • Picture Book Idea Month 2011

    After flirting with the idea of doing NaNoWriMo, I decided instead to do PiBoIdMo, or Picture Book Idea Month, the 30 days of November in which I am supposed to come up with 30 picture book ideas. It makes sense. I am attending the SCBWI Eastern NY Falling Leaves Master Class retreat where five picture […]

  • Picture Book Revision Takes 25 Years

    Writing is rewriting Guest post by Anastasia Suen For years I have been saying that writing is rewriting, and now I have a book that shows it quite clearly, my new picture book, Road Work Ahead (Viking 2011). This picture book is short, like most of my books. It’s only 120 words, but those words […]