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  • Critique Groups: Why, How and Where

    Why X Heads are Better than I guest post by Katy Duffield We all know that writing is rewriting. As much as we’d like for it to be otherwise, early drafts just aren’t ready for prime time. It is imperative that we reread and cut, revise and rearrange, polish and restructure, and cut even more […]

  • CA Retreat

    I’m just back from a Novel Revision Retreat in San Rafael, CA. What a great time. I always learn so much from other writers. My suite-mate wasn’t taking my class, but I watched her

  • Endless Revisions?

    How Many Times Do you Revise? When do novel or picture book revisions ever end? I’m always a new person, with a bit more knowledge and a bit more life under my belt. I could always make changes to the story. When do you know it’s time to submit your baby? My Best. When I’ve […]

  • Test Submissions

    Submit, Then Revise At our spring conference, Jen Rofe, literary agent at Andrea Brown Literary spoke about sending out manuscripts. The one thing that surprised me was her attitude toward submission and revision. Rofe said she usually sends out a mss to about five editors. Then, depending on the feedback, she’ll often ask the writer […]

  • Emotional Critiques

    It’s well know that I don’t want an honest critique on my novels or picture books! But for some reason, people keep giving me exactly what I don’t want. Conflicting Emotions of Receiving a Critique Yesterday, when my local critique group talked about my latest picture book manuscript, three emotions held sway. Embarrassment. I am […]

  • Critique Groups

    I’ve written before about Different Styles of Critiques and When to Ask for a Critique. Today focuses on the different types of critique groups. Different Critique Groups Meet Different Needs I’m heading off today to my local critique groups and I realized I have several different types of critique groups, each one filling a different […]