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  • Revising a Picture Book: Length, Common Core, Details and Research

    I just did a quick revision of a picture book that’s in progress. Shorter. One goal was to shorten the story whenever possible. I cut out an entire page, and an entire sentence. Doesn’t sound like much? At only 700 words, the story is as streamlined as I can make it. Well, no. I just […]

  • Nonfiction Picture Books: 7 Choices

    I’ve written before about writing a children’s picture book in this 30 Days to a Stronger Picture Book Series and the basics remain true. However, nonfiction picture books are currently getting a fresh look, mostly because of the education reforms known as Common Core. It requires elementary students to read 50% nonfiction, 50% fiction. That […]

  • 6 Reasons to Attend a National Conference

    This past weekend, I attended the National Science Teachers Association conference and it was a great way to meet my audience. Here are some specific things that I thought were a benefit of attending. Know Your Audience. This is a photo of the convention floor, the display booths. It’s interesting to wander the aisles and […]

  • Mentor Texts: Market Your Book to Teachers

    Guest post By Marcie Flinchum Atkins What is a mentor text? As a writer, do you read as many books as you can get your hands on? When you are stuck on how to write a particular scene, or you can’t get your beginning quite right, do you go to some of your favorite books […]

  • Story Ideas: New Education Standards Sets Topics

    Ours is a business of ideas: unique, fresh, high-concept, sweet, outstanding. Without a great idea, your story has little chance of flying in “today’s crowded market.” One new source of ideas is the curriculum that is taking shape around the Common Core State Standards. In the past two years, education reform has swept across the […]