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  • What Next? 15 Questions to Help you Decide Your Next Writing Project

    I was lucky enough to get an Advanced Reader Copy of Chip and Dan Heath’s new book, DECISIVE: How to make better choices in Life and Work. You may know the Heath brothers from their previous books, SWITCH: How to Change Things When Change is Hard and MADE TO STICK: Why Some Ideas Survive and […]

  • Through Your Lens: 4 Strengths of Your Writing

    Reading would be boring, except for the person behind the writing. YOU make it interesting. Your voice. Even the federal government recognizes the importance of YOU: ideas can’t be copyrighted, rather, the particular expression of an idea. What you copyright is your voice. You. This means several things: Voice. As you write, be aware of […]

  • Advice for Younger Writers

    Guest post from Dori Butler What advice would you give to your younger self? I’ve always wanted to be a writer. Always. But wanting to be a writer is probably a lot like wanting to be a baseball player. Or a movie star. A lot of people want it, but most will settle for something […]

  • Between Projects

    I am between projects. I don’t have a WIP. No work in progress and not sure what to do next? One novel is being read by friends and it may have a major flaw that will mean gutting part of it. We’ll see. Another novel is making its way into the publishing world. We’ll have […]

  • First Contract Advice

    Last weekend, I was in Chandler, Oklahoma, a sleepy little town on the old Route 66. I didn’t get much sleep, though, because I was there to teach a Picture Book Retreat. Here are reports from Sara, Susan Meyers, and Leeth. Also, check out the Okie Book Woman, who added lots of photos of the […]

  • Career in Writing

    What does a career in writing look like? Take these examples: Author A: Has served in a leadership role for a writing organization for many years and is an inspiration to many people. She has published three picture books with major publishers. But in the end, she hates the sales and marketing part of writing, […]