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  • Is My Story Good or Bad? Wrong Question

    Last year, I did a simple survey on the list and asked writers, “What is your biggest challenge for 2015?” The answer blew me away. You want to know, “Is my picture book/novel/short story/piece of writing any good?” This was expressed in many different ways, of course, but at the core, you want to know […]

  • Take a Creative Risk – You Might Surprise Yourself

    I’ve been writing for years. (Let’s not discuss how many exactly!) It’s easy to fall into habits and to think about stories in certain ways. The best creative people, though, insist that they are constantly learning and to do that, they try something different. They take risks. Let me suggest some risks you might want […]

  • Writers, are you a part of the reading community?

    Writers need to be a part of the wider reading community, not just the writing community. Yes, you need to do it as part of your book marketing, but it’s also a way to widen your outlook about literature in general. I recently judged the state level of the Letters about Literature writing contest for […]

  • I Wasn’t Alive When. . .Consider Your Audience

    6th graders alive today are only 11 or 12 years old, which means that many were not alive on 9/11/01, when the Twin Towers fell in New York City. For them, the story of 9-11 is historical fiction. References to 9-11 go over their heads. They don’t know anything about Jurassic Park, Star Wars, or […]

  • Different Perspectives for Different Audiences

    We’ve talked about different points of view and here’s a related idea: different perspectives based on audience. Using any of the three POV choices (Omniscient POV, 1st Person POV, 3rd Person POV), we’ll shift the thinking a bit. If you are a 16 year old boy and have a car wreck and you want to […]

  • 10 Social Media Goals for Author Promotion

    Twitter, Facebook, Good Reads and More When and where should authors use social media? I recently read a blog post about how businesses are using social media. Here, I go through these 10 purposes and muse about how authors might use social media for the same reasons.