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  • To Revise or Not to Revise

    I am facing a difficult revision, not because I don’t know what needs to be done or that I can’t do it. It’s just that I’m not sure I agree with the critiquer wholeheartedly. A novel revision has all sorts of questions attached: Who are you revising for? One certain reader/editor? To connect with readers […]

  • Plotting the Middle with the Hero’s Journey

    The middle of a novel is one of the hardest places to plot. The set up is easy to imagine and the climax, of course, has to be exciting and emotional. But the sagging middle–how do you handle it? The Hero’s Journey is one of the most useful of the 29 plot templates because it […]

  • 3-Act Structure: Solving a Top-Heavy Problem

    Using the 3-Act Structure: Adjusting Expectations Most writers use a 3-act structure and for good reason. It works. Act 1: 25% of the length, sets up the story conflict and ends when the main character (MC) commits to doing something about the conflict. Act 2: 50% of the length, develops and deepens the conflict and […]

  • Time Line Helps You Plot

    Time Line Helps You Plot I know that my new novel will take place over a 98 hour span of time. So, I’m working with those 98 hours, creating and structuring the time line of the story in these ways.

  • Midpoint Crisis: Plotting

    Starting a new novel, I always try to look at the structure of the plot, but this time, I’m especially looking at character issues, since that’s my weakness. A Story of XXX becomes a Story of ZZZ It’s always that tricky second act that’s hard. The actions for the beginning and ending are easy, especially […]