I’m going through a couple of transitions right now.

  • I’m moving my office up to the third floor of our Victorian house that serves as office for myself and my DH’s business. In relation to that, I note that Art Slade, Canadian author extraordinaire, has a treadmill desk. Why am I mentioning this?
    Because I’m going walking, too. I bought a used treadmill that is very quiet and have set it up as a computer desk. I’m trying it!

    I’m looking at mapping programs to find one that will let me set up my own route across the US or somewhere else.

  • Second, my youngest son starts college next week. He moves into the dorm next Sunday; oddly, that also means he moves out of our house that day. I never thought of it that way when I went off to college, but it’s true. I’ve no idea of what that will mean overall, but it will change.
  • Third, I’ve started a second Facebook. Thanks to ALL of you who asked me to be your Friend. The first Facebook account will be just local friends and family. The second is for all of you! If you want to friend-me, look for the one that has a picture of Oliver K. Woodman as the profile picture. That also means that if you’re on my friends/family account, I’ll ask you to move to the other one. Please don’t be offended by this: I want to see pictures from my kids and their friends and I want to be freer in what I share with them. I’ll still share all my good news with you!
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