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Who is the Most Important Character in Your Novel?

At Fiction Notes, we talk about questions like this. Is it your protagonist or your antagonist? So many times we focus on the protagonist, or the main character, fully fleshing out the character. Yet, the story falls flat. Why? Because you need a great villain.

This free ebook is a compilation of my most popular blog posts about villains. It’s typical of the kind of things we talk about here. Join us for a lively, literary conversation about writing fiction and living the life of a writer.


Writing teacher and author Darcy Pattison

Writing teacher and author Darcy Pattison

In 1999, writer and writing teacher Darcy Pattison created the Novel Revision Retreat to meet the needs of struggling novelists. Since then, her passionate teaching has touched writers nationwide as she encouraged them, “I believe in your story.” Her teaching has taken her around the nation: Hawaii, California, Washington, Arizona, Michigan, Georgia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, and Louisiana. Her blog, Revision Notes, which gives writing tips and discusses writing techniques, receives over 500,000 visitors per year. For more, see ABOUT

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  • Sandra Williams
    April 24, 2015

    Can’t wait to see your books, we are getting several for our library collection! :-)

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