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4 Revision Goals: Conflict, Emotion, Surprise, Enrich

For the next month, my writing goals for my work-in-progress novel trilogy are clear: conflict, emotion, surprise, enrich. The trilogy is tentatively called, The Blue Planets, and is an early-teen or YA science fiction. Book 1, The Blue Marble, has a complete draft; for Books 2 and 3, I have complete outlines. I’m happy with […]


Fowler’s Toad: He Chose Our Pond

One night In May, I noticed a very loud sound from right outside our window. My husband, Dwight, has a fish pond right outside our kitchen door. The sound was loud! So, on May 26, I whipped out my iphone and taped the noise. You’ll hear the noise at 7 seconds into the tape, and […]